No one will in this world help you, 
God too will leave you just giving a clue. 
You’ll need to find your own way out, 
At first you’ll face lot of difficulties, but don’t you shout. 

Be confident on what you work on, 
To understand life’s game., is for what you have born, 
Be calm enough and just don’t look back, 
People will always point to what you lack. 

Don’t cry, Don’t be sad, 
Belive in yourself and you’ll be glad. 
Life is full of problems, it is what I think, 
Don’t be angry at them, calmly solve them, and they’ll go in a blink. 

No one can help you in this game, 
You just go on playing it, don’t you blame. 
Don’t give up, it’s time to aim, 
Don’t try to copy others, as everyone’s question papers aren’t the same. 

No one will wipe your tears, 
Just take off….. By changing the gears…. 

…………………… Divesh s Jairamdasani


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Shubham Paul says:

    You are absolutely right. They see the mansion not the number of bricks used to build it.
    Keep writing. Have an awesome life! 😎


    1. divesh9022 says:

      Truly said brother…
      It is we who know how we have burnt our midnight lamp for building the mansion….


      1. Shubham Paul says:

        Yes. Let’s not take care about them. We must focus on our shit. Keep writing. Live well. ☺️


  2. Honey8 says:

    Thats true and beautifully written. Yes that’s why we should stay strong and help ourselves. “…Let them sell what they are selling there are no buyers here”


  3. Rishi says:

    Hey it’s too good and well written.. Love reading your articles!!!


    1. divesh9022 says:

      Thank you friend!!!


  4. You have given a mantra for SSC exams this year. Top class! The rhythm is incredible…


    1. divesh9022 says:

      Thanks brother…. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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