Let my heart decide

After we give our board exams we then have to take a big decision… That is in field to get in… I think that this decision must take with help of our heart and not brain… 

Have now given my 10 std exam,  
In my brain.. There’s a lot of traffic jam.  
Which stream to get in, which career to choose, 
Carefully taking steps, because I don’t wanna lose. 

I don’t wanna lose this opportunity,  
I won’t hide my capability.. 
This time I will just listen to what my brain says,  
To reach the target I would then explore the ways. 

I wanna do something which would bring happiness to me,
Dont wanna take any stress,
I dont wanna make my life a mess. 

This time, I wont listen to my brain. 
The question still arises again and again, 
To whom should I listen? 
Its my heart who will now set up my mission. 

Friends, relatives, everyone concluded with, ” listen to your heart! “
And now I am ready to begin and give my life a new start. 

……………. Divesh S Jairamdasani


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Good one Bro! What stood out to me was the ending… It just gave the poem a beautiful shape which indeed made it a good read! Keep going Bro. .


  2. Honey8 says:

    Nice post! Just loved it!!


    1. divesh9022 says:

      Thank you! Iam glad you loved it!

      Liked by 1 person

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