It was Guru Purnima yesterday.. And it was my duty to thank every teacher who had thought me lessons… Not that which you have in your text books.. But those which are based on your LIFE!!
There are many teachers who gave me very important lessons to learn in my life.. Therefore I dedicate a small poem for them..

MOM!! Thank you for being my first TEACHER, SUPPORTER, AND GUIDE….
OHH DAD! I felt too secured whenever you were beside…

Thank you mother nature for giving me confidence,
It was then that i realized that i too can progress…

Thank you teachers and sirs for training me for my basics of life,
It is these basics that today to me surprise..

SURPRISE ‼️ YAA SURPRISE.. I always thought it it was waste of time..
But today those basics to my poem add a beautiful rhyme…

Here the poem is my life and rhyme is the smoothness that I experience in understanding concepts…

Thank you all my enemies,

For teaching me to deal with all the obstacles coming in my life…

The very important person is yet to be thanked… The Almighty!
He was the one who made me STRONG, CONFIDENT, WHIPPED MY TEARS AND was there throughout when I was UNHAPPY!!

Wishing every GURU, every TEACHER of my life a very HAPPY GURU PURNIMA


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Awesome dude!! A beautiful dedication to every major guru in our lives!!! Loved it!!


    1. divesh9022 says:

      Gald that you loved it… Thank you!! 😉


  2. Kunal manwani says:

    Very nice poem. 😊😊


  3. Sonia Manchanda says:

    Great one Divesh! Really Honored to read this. Stay blessed and keep writing.


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